A podcast interview of George Gantz by Mike Ogden at 2269.co.  

Join me and The 2269 podcast host Michael Ogden on an entertaining road trip to the distant future – a preview of the Greatest Party of All Time, to be held on June 6, 02269! 

The Universe is Poised to Thrive – A podcast interview of George Gantz by Mike Ogden 

What a trip it was to spend an hour with Mike Ogden, one of my favorite long term thinkers, on a recent episode of The 2269 Podcast.  Mike chose the title after I gave him a long riff about how physics, biology, and complexity science suggest that our universe appears to be on an inevitable progression towards increasing life, the accumulation of information and human thriving.  (See: The How and the Why) I hope you can listen in to this fun and deeply personal conversation on our journey to 2269 – the journey of a lifetime.  Check out Mike’s other guests, too!

For more information about 2269, check out their website.  

Mike and his 2269.co cofounder, Peter Dean, were also special guests of Long Now Boston in May of 02021(hosted by George Gantz).

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