If you read one science article on COVID, this should be it.   It describes the latest science on how the virus works and how our immune system tries to deal with it. The conclusion is stark:  As long as the COVID virus is circulating in the human population, it will continue to infect and it will continue to mutate.  In time, additional variants will occur and spread, and some of these could make the situation a lot worse. Each individual human is a potential petri dish for COVID to infect and to mutate.  Pockets of unvaccinated humans pose significant risks for continued global infections and mutations.

The most important things we can do is to avoid infection: get vaccinated, wear masks and practice hygiene.  Distancing, quarantines and contact tracing will also be critical measures, until the global pool of COVID infection has been reduced to below the replication rate for the variants remain in circulation.

Author: Scudellari

Source: How the Coronavirus Stays One Step Ahead of Us – Issue 108: Change – Nautilus

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