Three Bridges West has released the third in series of vivid and beautiful meditations on consciousness and spirit.  The latest video, on the ambitious question “What is God?”, gives an upbeat perspective on the loving role that God plays in our lives and in creation as a whole.  The video features me, Dr. Ilia Delio, Dr. Dean Radin, the Reverand Davidson Bidwell-Waite and Dr. Philip Clayton.  The first two videos in the series, previously posted on Spiral Inquiry focused on Uncertainty and Human Perceptionand the concept of Élan Vital

​​Transcript Excerpts:

George Gantz (Philosopher, Writer)

  • God is a big word. A lot of people are trying to run away from the word but I just don’t think you can escape it.  It captures a lot of the richness and context of our relationship to creation – particularly [when] referring to an infinite God. 
  • Infinity is an ineffable concept.  Mathematicians and physicists think they know what infinity is.  They play with it all the time.  Georg Cantor was a famous mathematician in the 19th century and he proved that there are infinities of different sizes and that these infinities actually have a kind of an arithmetic.  Well, does that mean we actually grasped what infinity is?  No.   No mathematician, and no computer, will ever count to infinity and no physicists will ever see infinity.
  • As a matter of fact, I feel that one of the things that creates a sense of awe and mystery in human beings is being in a place where you have an immense visual field, like the horizon of an ocean or mountain-scapes off in the distance.  When the visual acuity that you have in your eyeball and your brain is not capable of distinguishing the detail, you are face to face with infinity.  You can’t perceive the detail.  It looks infinite, and that brings on that sense of awe and sense of wonder
  • An infinite God is, in a sense, ineffable and unreachable.  But at the same time, it carries with it that sense of awe and beauty and joy and love flowing through the universe, giving us the gift of life.  And here we are.
  • I consider our purpose, the purpose of our being here, is, ultimately, to gain consciousness and gain wisdom and gain intelligence.  And then to gain the realization that our purpose is to be able to commune, to share loving communion, with people, with life, with creation and, ultimately, with its creator.  And that is a reciprocal relationship.

Dr Ilia Delio, (Fransiscan Sister, Author Theologian)

  • I think God is really simple.  I have loved you with an everlasting love. If you find yourself in my love, you will find yourself.  And if you find yourself, you’ll find the world.  And then you just participate in that world.  It’s meant for everyone.  God is big enough for everyone and for everything. 
  • I think that goodness rising up in life is the power of God.  I think without God we would have no hope.  That breath of God is always the future God, not just a now God.  
  • God is the ever fullness of love and we never, ever exhaust the possibilities of life because of God.   God is always that overflowing love, that ever expanding field of love before us.  If you find God, you have found everything – you have found what you’re supposed to be
  • When we talk about God at the heart of life, we’re not talking about some big being who’s sort of helping us get by.  We’re talking about divine love pouring out into the very beingness of our lives.  Our existence is from being in that love.  We are being loved and created every moment.
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