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Week 4: Consciousness, Consilience and Collaboration

The fourth episode of the weekly Consciousness and Consilience podcast has been released. In week four, Daniel and I addressed the enlightenment goals of intellectual unity and how they failed with the French revolution, at least according to E.O. Wilson in Chapter 3 of his 1998 book “Consilience – The Unity of Knowledge.” We noted that change can be, but is hopefully not always, very disruptive. Some of the issues today, including the unequal distribution of benefits from the fantastic technological and economic advances of the past several centuries, are increasing societal instabilities. Will this lead to disruption, like the French revolution? Will those with the largest distributions protect what they have? Or will we learn that making things better may require that we all give something up? The American revolution and subsequent establishment offers an encouraging example of transformational change leading to a long term better future – one that required compromise.

This podcast series is a collaboration with Daniel Sanderson, philosopher and founder of the planksip© writer’s collaborative.  The series, titled Consciousness and Consilience, deals with key topics of fascination to both of us, and, hopefully, to others.  

Each episode will be broadcast on YouTube (link here) each Monday at 7PM EDT. We would love to have you join us for an interesting and provocative conversation!

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