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Unlocking the secrets of the honeybee dance

This article, published in The Conversation, caught my attention:  Honeybees possess one of the most complex examples of nonhuman communication. New research suggests that it is NOT just an “instinctive” feature of bee life, but is, in fact, a culturally learned behavior passed down from older to younger bees.

We’ve known that honeybees depend on and also support their hive.  Now we know teach their young to navigate by dancing, which is an interesting mode of driver education.  They must be much more intelligent than we might had thought.  We are not so special after all.  

It is also a fact that we depend on the honeybees and other pollinators for our well being.  Perhaps we should be paying more attention to their well being.  As the honeybee is to their young and their hive, so we should be to our young our hive — the world we inhabit and all the creatures that live in it.

Source: Unlocking secrets of the honeybee dance language – bees learn and culturally transmit their communication skills

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